Introduction - Mayfield

brand refresh

Developing a visual brand strategy, messaging system, logo, website, and new presentation materials for a world-renown venture capital firm.

Assignment Summary

Here's a global venture capital firm with $3 billion under management and a 46-year track record of successfully investing in companies like Genentech, SanDisk, and Amgen. How successful? 114 of the companies in their portfolio have gone public while 160 of them have been acquired.

The Mayfield Fund, feeling its existing identity had become outdated, asked us to develop a branded environment to stand out from the crowd, yet reflect upon and track back to its classic early-stage investment strategy.

We articulated their visual brand strategy and developed a formal messaging system to help guide sales and marketing communications. We then created a unique new wordmark focusing on the Mayfield name and integrated it throughout a series of print and digital deliverables in order to steward their overall identity system.