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The first comprehensive, multi-channel advertising and media campaign for a 55-year-old, non-profit credit union—developed by our 35-year-old creative agency.

Campaign Summary

Not every relationship is built to last, especially the relationships we develop with financial institutions that don’t live up to their promises. And when a banking relationship ends, it’s often for the same reason a personal relationship fails. We deserve better. We deserve a financial institution that has its members best interests at heart.

Introducing “Bank happily ever after,” a creative campaign Michael Patrick Partners developed for Tech CU that spans cinema and online film, online display, out-of-home, broadcast and online radio, and transit. The first comprehensive, multi-channel advertising and media campaign from the 56-year-old, non-profit credit union and our 35-year-old creative agency.

The campaign encourages consumers to question their current banking relationship, and to consider a new relationship with Tech CU—the credit union that exists to act in the best interests of its members.